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Financial Advice for Athletes: an Interview with Ulrick Edmonds

Learning how to deal with finances is important for everyone, but for athletes, it is especially important. While most people can stay in the same profession for decades if they want to, professional athletes only have a limited amount of years that they can earn a living from playing sports. Not only this, but professional athletes are often faced with the difficult challenge of handling a large amount of money at a young age. How professional athletes deal with their finances can make a big impact later in their lives. This is why I’m excited to share with you my interview with Ulrick Edmonds, who is a financial advisor that specializes in helping professional athletes. Here is my conversation with Ulrick. I hope you enjoy it! SPT: Hello Ulrick, could you tell me a little about what you do as a financial advisor? UE: As a financial advisor, my primary focus is to partner with professional athletes who are fortunate enough to play the game that they love for a living. My main goal is

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