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How to Maintain a Strong and Healthy Identity In and Out of Sports, an Interview with Mykal Manswell

Athletic identity is a very important topic to talk about because the way you view yourself as an athlete and as a person has a significant impact on your life in and out of your sport. This is why I'm very happy to discuss this unique topic with Mykal Manswell, a professional with diverse experience in the field of athletics. Mykal is a Professional Life Coach, Counselor and Mental Performance Coach who has written a published research paper on athletic identity. If anyone knows a lot about the topic of athletic identity, it's Mykal! Here is our conversation: SPT: How would you define athletic identity? MM: Athletic identity is simply the degree to which a person identifies themselves as being an athlete. This means that an individual resonates with the captivating lifestyle that comes with being highly recognized in the realm of sports and is committed to maintaining this lifestyle for as long as possible.  SPT: What is the importance of having an athletic identity? MM: Havin