Book Review: The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard

The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard is one of the best motivational, self-help books I've read. Whether you are trying to turn your life around or you are looking for extra motivation to reach your goals, this is the book for you!

The purpose of this book is to give you the inspiration and guidance to unleash your personal freedom, accomplish your goals, reach your potential, and live your life to the fullest. As Burchard writes, "Humankind's main motivation is to seek and experience personal freedom." Whatever someone wants in life, they want the freedom to seek and achieve it. Deep down, people crave to live bigger, more meaningful lives. However, we often fall short of living up to our potential. Instead, we let fear, comfort, convenience, and laziness hold us back in life. In this book, Burchard gives you the motivation and tools to overcome fear and laziness and strive towards a better life.

One of the main themes of this book is personal responsibility. As humans, we have free will, and with it, we have the power to control our attention, thoughts, emotions, and actions to shape our lives. Therefore, overcoming fear and motivating oneself are ultimately choices. We can choose to be brave and motivated if we truly want to. And if we commit ourselves to these choices, we can discipline ourselves to reach self-mastery.

There's no magic formula for overcoming fear and gaining motivation. It mainly just takes a lot of focused attention and effort. It's basic cognitive-behavioral therapy. You have to analyze your negative thoughts, challenge their validity, and look for more rational and positive thoughts to replace them. If you improve your self-talk while also forcing yourself to face your fears and get used to them, you can make great progress overcoming your fears. 

Burchard gives a similar process for sparking, sustaining, and amplifying motivation. To spark motivation within you, you simply need to think deeply about your ambitions and why you're capable of succeeding. The more confident you are about reaching your goals, the more motivated you'll be.

However, for most people, sparking motivation isn't the issue. It's sustaining motivation that is the hard part. To keep your motivation going, you need to continue giving attention and effort towards your goals. The more distracted and lazy you get, the more motivation you'll lose. By reminding yourself of your goals every day, you can better stay committed for the long term. 

But you can't just think your way to sustained motivation. Thinking about your goals is important, but the best way to sustain motivation is to actually use your motivation, be disciplined, and put in effort towards your goals. You may not feel that motivated at a particular moment, but if you begin to give effort anyways, you'll gain more motivation. This happens for a few reasons. For one, the hardest part is often getting started. Once you get started, the work begins to feel easier, so it's easier to motivate yourself to keep going. Secondly, after making progress towards your goals, you gain a sense of accomplishment and confidence. These positive feelings will refuel your motivation and keep you going. Thirdly, once you start working towards your goals, your goals and motives become clearer to you. When you give effort, you can visualize success better, and this can pump you up even more.

Burchard gives two tips for amplifying your motivation. First, maintain a positive attitude. The more optimistic and open-minded you are in life, the easier it is to find and grow motivation. It's hard to be highly motivated and cynical at the same time. Secondly, you need to maintain a positive environment. By surrounding yourself with other positive and motivated people, you can sustain and build motivation. Also, it's important to remove distractions from your workplace. By working and training in a better environment, you can increase your motivation and productivity.

After teaching about the importance of freedom, courage, and motivation, Burchard offers you nine declarations to help inspire and guide you to a better life. These nine declarations include:

  1. Having more presence and purpose in life.
  2. Taking back your agenda.
  3. Defeating your demons
  4. Taking initiative in life.
  5. Practicing joy and gratitude.
  6. Keeping your integrity.
  7. Amplifying love.
  8. Inspiring greatness.
  9. Slowing down time.

These nine declarations do a great job inspiring you to reach higher in life while also enjoying the process as well. Whenever you're struggling with a particular issue in your life, you can reread one of these chapters to help get you back on track!

This book may seem like it's full of cliches, but sometimes we need these messages. We need optimism, hope, and a sense of agency in life. It's too easy to become cynical in today's culture. We need to be reminded of simple truths such as:

  • Attitude and effort are choices.
  • We are called to greatness.
  • Life can only be enjoyed in the present moment.
  • Happiness is meant to be shared.
  • And we need to serve something greater than ourselves.

I highly encourage you to read this book, apply its lessons, and immediately channel your motivation towards your goals. This book will remind you of what you already know deep down inside of you. After you read this book, it's up to you to go out and actually chase your dreams!


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