One Way to Calm Yourself Down Before Games

A great way to relieve your nerves before games is to write down your worries on paper. By writing down your worries on paper, you can get things off your chest, which feels good in itself. But also, writing can help you find the source of your worries and nervousness. It can be hard to calm yourself down if you don’t know exactly what is making you nervous. Once you discover the main sources of your nervousness through the process of writing, you can better confront these worries and replace them with more positive thoughts. This form of cognitive behavioral therapy can greatly improve your mindset before games. Also, to make this writing exercise even more effective, you can write about your positive qualities and past successes to increase your confidence. Remember, no one has to see what you write, so you should be as honest as possible.

I encourage all athletes to try this strategy to relieve nerves. Trust me, it’ll help! And don’t just do this exercise in your head. Actually use pen and paper. The process of putting your thoughts on paper makes a real difference. It’s even been scientifically proven. You can read more about this topic in Sian Beilock’s book, Choke. I will post a review on this book in the future.