How to Deal with Crowd Noise

Crowd noise can be a big challenge for road teams. Some stadiums and arenas can be very loud, making it hard to hear and communicate with your teammates. It can also be intimidating, which can negatively affect your emotions. As an athlete, you need to know how to deal with crowd noise so you can maintain peak performance.

The first thing you can do to deal with crowd noise better is to simply prepare for it. This is why many teams practice with artificial crowd noise during the week before a big road game. This gets players used to the noise so it doesn't bother them as much on game day. It also gives them the chance to improve their communication skills. This is very important because when the crowd is loud, you need to talk loud so your teammates can hear you clearly. You don't want to waste time repeating yourself, and you especially don't want any miscommunication. If you can do this, then you'll deal with the crowd noise quite well.

However, this isn't all that is needed. You also have to be able to emotionally cope with the crowd noise. You can't let the crowd distract, intimidate, or frustrate you. You have to learn how to focus on the task at hand and remain calm. Do not take the noise personally. It can help to think of the noise as neutral, meaning it isn't for you or against you. Or, during certain moments, you can pretend that the crowd is cheering for you, and use it to pump you up. You can also be motivated to "silence the crowd." Perhaps my biggest tip is to remember that the crowd noise is just noise. It shouldn't be able to affect your performance that much. YOU control your performance, not the people in the crowd. Focus just on you and your execution, and block out the crowd as best as you can.

If you prepare for crowd noise, get used to it, improve your communication skills, and improve your mental toughness and coping skills, then you'll be able to perform well even in the loudest stadiums and arenas!