How to Prevent and Overcome Burnout

To prevent and overcome burnout, it helps to know its main causes. Once you know the main causes of burnout, you can then work to prevent or overcome it.

The main causes of burnout:
Exhaustion: Sometimes, athletes and coaches get exhausted from the grind of competitive sports. Too many hours, too much expectations, too much stress, too much physical and mental effort without enough time to recharge. All of this can lead to burnout. To prevent yourself from burning out, you need to manage your time better, recover physically and mentally better, find more balance, and increase your motivation. If you do this, you won't feel as exhausted, therefore you won't burnout.
Boredom: Sometimes, athletes and coaches just get bored and lose passion after doing the same things over and over. Their sport stops being fun, and this makes them want to quit. To prevent this, you have to actively maintain your love and passion for the game. Have a better attitude and be grateful.  Mix up your training and expand your game to keep it exciting. Sometimes people get bored of winning and don't feel challenged anymore. If this is the case, you have to find ways to challenge yourself, create bigger goals, and use different motivations to keep yourself committed.
New passions and goals: Sometimes it is not that your sport becomes too exhausting or boring, but it is that other priorities in your life become more important to you and make you want to quit your sport. Sometimes this is ok. It may be smart for you to quit your sport so you can focus on something that you truly believe is more important. However, many times this is not the smartest thing to do. Just because you found a new passion doesn't mean you have to quit your sport. Perhaps you can focus on BOTH things. If this is the case, then you shouldn't quit your sport. Learn to balance your priorities so you can maintain commitment for your sport.
Lack of improvement, and failure: When athletes and coaches hit plateaus, stop improving, and start losing more, they are often tempted to quit. They may become discouraged and think that it's not worth it to keep trying. To prevent this, you need to have persistence. Convince yourself that it is worth it to keep trying! Keep working hard and smart to break through plateaus. It also helps to have multiple motives, because even if you're not having success, you can still play for fun, improvement, health, and for relationships. This type of burnout can also be caused by having your self-identity tied too closely to sports. If you only see yourself as an athlete, and you begin to lose, you may become depressed and want to quit your sport. To prevent this, you need to define yourself as more than just an athlete. Know that you're also a human, a son, a daughter, a mother, a father, a husband, a wife, a Christian, etc. And know that athletic failure doesn't make you a bad person.
Injuries: Like losing, injuries are another form of adversity that can lead to burnout. To prevent an injury from causing burnout, you need persistence. Know that other people have recovered successfully from injuries and so can you!

The best way to deal with burnout is to prevent it from happening in the first place. This means to take preventative measures to avoid the causes of burnout from coming up. Find more balance in your life even before you feel exhausted. Actively make your sport fun even if you're not yet bored with it. Use your motivation while you have it to succeed so failure never gets the chance to burn you out. Always look for motivation to keep your motivational fire burning strong. Lastly, take injury prevention very seriously.

If you take these precautions, you'll be less affected by burnout. You won't get exhausted as much, you won't be as bored, and you won't lose your passion. You'll stay healthy, happy, and motivated, therefore you'll improve more, perform better, and reach more success.

Remember, when athletes burnout, it is not always just for one reason. Many times an athlete is affected by many factors, which combine to cause burnout. That's why it's important to guard against burnout on all fronts. But if burnout still gets to you, you must not give into it. You must fight through it and regain your motivation. When you're feeling burnt out, it may seem like you'll never regain the passion and commitment you used to have. But it is possible to regain your passion and commitment. You have to believe it is possible! It may take a lot of time and effort to regain your passion, but it is possible, and it is worth it!

Here are my top 4 keys to preventing and overcoming burnout:
1: Cultivate your own motivation everyday and use a variety of motivations.
2: Have a positive attitude, and don't let negative people affect you.
3: Work smarter, recover better, find balance, and maintain your mental and physical health as much as possible.
4. Speak with a sports psychologist or a mental health professional when needed.