Win or Learn

The best athletes never lose. They either win or learn. Obviously this isn't literally true. Everyone loses games, but the best athletes have a positive attitude after they lose. After a loss, they don't get discouraged since they know they can learn a lot from losses, and this learning will help them improve and win in the future. With this "win or learn" attitude, you can always stay positive and motivated to keep working towards your goals.

Let's take a closer look at this attitude. When an athlete loses, their weaknesses become exposed. After a loss, an athlete may realize that they need to make improvements in certain areas. This helpful feedback is sometimes hidden after winning. Losing doesn't only give you helpful feedback, but it also gives you great motivation. After loses, you should be very motivated to bounce back. Because losing can help you learn and improve more, a loss is sometimes more valuable than a win in the long-run.

However, this "win or learn" attitude needs to be applied properly. When you do lose, you have to squeeze out as much learning from it as you can. You have to be as motivated as you possibly can to fix your mistakes and improve. Don't just use the "win or learn" attitude to make yourself feel good while not actually doing the work to improve. When you lose and don't learn from it, that's a true loss. But when you maximize your learning/improvement after a loss, it's almost like a win.

However, having this attitude doesn't mean you don't care about winning. You should still care very much about winning and try your hardest not to lose. Ideally, you win and you learn from your win. Even though it can be harder to notice your weaknesses after wins, you have to evaluate your performance objectively and try to learn as much as you can after wins. If you don't learn from wins, you'll eventually be passed by the athletes who learn from loses. And remember, you can still be proud of a win, but don't be satisfied. You need to maintain your motivation after winning, or else complacency will cause you to start losing.

This is always the best case scenario: to win and to learn at the same time. The next best result is to learn a lot from a loss. The worst case scenario is to lose while failing to learn. The "win or learn" attitude helps you achieve the first two scenarios as much as possible.

When you truly adopt the "win or learn" attitude, you always stay positive and motivated to win now and in the future. Whether you win or lose, you're always on an upwards slope to improvement and success!