How to Deal with the Boredom of Training

One of the biggest obstacles to success is boredom. Many athletes end a training session early not because of how physically tough it is, but how boring it is. Let's be honest, working on the fundamentals and doing the same drills over and over again can be boring. However, to become great, you have to tolerate boredom and find ways to make training more fun. Here are many things you can do to deal with the boring parts of training:

Discipline and extrinsic motivation: 
Sometimes you simply have to toughen up, suck it up, and deal with boring parts of training. It may not be fun to watch hours of film, but you need to be disciplined and do it anyways, to help you improve and reach your goals.

Attitude and intrinsic motivation:
Understand that not every part of training has to be fun. There are going to be parts of training that are boring. You have to accept this and take the good with the bad. Know that overall, your training is still enjoyable and worth it.
Also, you need to cultivate intrinsic motivation and learn to love playing your sport for its own sake. To do this, you need to think positive and try to enjoy every part of training as much as you can. Stop complaining about how boring it is. Focus on the positives and discipline your mind to stay focused on the task at hand so you can enter a state of "flow." Remember, the more mentally engaged you are, the more fun it'll be. Love is a verb. You have to work on loving your sport.

Here are some changes you can make to your environment to make practice less boring:
  • You can train at different places for a change of scenery. This can help make training feel newer and fresher. 
  • You can play music during practice to make it more enjoyable. 
  • You can be creative and mix up your drills to reduce monotony. 
  • You can turn drills into fun games and competitions. 
  • You can make your drills, workouts, and competition more challenging.
  • You can find a positive, energetic coach who makes practice more fun. 
  • Rather than training alone, you can train with your teammates/friends to make things more fun.
If you improve your discipline, attitude, and environment, you can better deal with the boredom of sports. As a result, you will prevent burnout and improve your work ethic, performance, and happiness!