Be Humble, Yet Confident

Some of the best advice I can give to someone is to be humble, yet confident.

By humble, I mean don't think you're better than you actually are. I've met many athletes who think they're better than they actually are. This doesn't help you though. It mainly just makes you feel better about yourself. You need to be realistic, objective, and judge your abilities accurately. By being humble, accepting constructive criticism, and acknowledging your shortcomings, you can then work to improve them. You're less likely to improve yourself if you think you're better than you actually are.
In other words, being humble keeps you unsatisfied and hungry. Never be satisfied with where you're at. Always want to be better than you are now.

However, being humble doesn't mean you can't be confident about yourself in the present moment. Being humble doesn't mean you have to think you're worse than you actually are. It means you think you're as good as you truly are, so being humble shouldn't hurt your confidence. In fact, it'll give you a proper level of confidence, which helps you play within your limits in games, which improves your performance.

While you should be humble about yourself in the present moment, you should be very optimistic and confident about your future self. Just because you're not where you want to be right now doesn't mean you won't get there in the future. Believe that you have a very high ceiling and be very confident that you can reach it! This confidence gives you motivation to train hard to reach your potential.

If you can draw motivation from these two sources, one from being humble and unsatisfied with your current self, and the other from being confident about your future, you'll have lots of motivation to train hard, which is what really matters. This training is what will make you successful, but your attitude is what gives you the motivation to train. This “humble, yet confident” attitude tells you that you have so much potential and you can reach it, but you also have so much work to do, so you need to get started! This can be very motivating.

In summary, be humble about your current self, confident about your future self, and get started working hard to fix your weaknesses and reach your potential!