Never Hate Your Opponent

Some athletes like to draw motivation from hating their opponents. While this can give you strong motivation at times, I don't recommend it. It's fine to have rivalries, but you should minimize the level of hate and anger you have towards others, and you should definitely not truly hate your opponent. Even if this gives you stronger motivation than alternative sources of motivation, I still think you shouldn't do it. Why? Because life is bigger than sports, and you should care more about being a good person than being a good athlete. And remember, you can still motivate yourself fully without using hate and anger! You just have to find other, healthier sources of motivation.

Think about how Kobe Bryant's death brought us all together this week. We mourned together and celebrated Kobe's life together. His death reminded us that life is in fact bigger than sports. During these sad times, we come to realize that our rivalries, grudges, and beefs are unimportant in the grand scheme of things. We realize that we're here to love and serve others. When you see all of Kobe's past rivals come together to mourn and celebrate Kobe's life, these realizations become clear. Under this light, we know that we shouldn't hate our opponents. When we get caught up in the emotions of competition, it feels normal, or even good to hate your opponent, but with a larger perspective on life, we know that we should love, not hate, our opponents.

Let's use this lesson to motivate ourselves to have a better, healthier attitude on competition. Compete your hardest while on the court, but love and respect your opponents when off the court!