Age is talked about a lot in sports. People always talk about whether an athlete is too young or too old to succeed. Biological age is a real thing and it definitely affects your performance, but you need to have the right attitude about age to get the best out of yourself.

People may tell you that you're too old to reach your goals. They may think that since you're a certain age you lack the necessary athleticism to reach your goals. Perhaps they're right. Maybe you don't have enough athleticism left. Maybe you aren't able to make up for your lack of athleticism in other areas. But maybe they're wrong. Maybe you do have enough athleticism left in the tank. Maybe you are able to make up for your lack of athleticism in other areas.

These haters may be wrong for a couple of reasons. When haters say you're too old, they're comparing you to other people at your age. For example, they may assume that just because most 42 year olds don't have what it takes to play professionally, you also can't succeed at 42 years old. However, they may fail to realize everyone ages differently. Some athletes, because of their genetics and lifestyle choices, may look completely differently physiologically than other people their age. Even though they are 42 years old, they may have a very similar body composition and athleticism as a typical 37 year old athlete. This can happen with all ages. A 37 year old may be just as healthy and athletic as a 32 year old. A 32 year old may be just as healthy and athletic as a 27 year old, and so on.

While your biological age does have real impact on how your body feels and functions, it is really the age that your body feels and functions that matters for athletes. If you're 42 years old, but you feel like you're 37 still, then you shouldn't let anyone tell you you're too old to play professionally. If your heart is still in it and you believe your body still has what it takes, then keep playing!

However, maybe you actually do feel your true age and you've lost quite a bit of your athleticism. This still doesn't mean you should listen to the haters. You can still succeed despite losing athleticism by making up for it in other areas. You can maintain your productivity by becoming a smarter, mentally tougher, and a more skilled athlete. Just because you're a certain age, doesn't mean you can't improve in these areas to maintain your overall game. However, at some point, your decrease in athleticism will be too much to overcome. At this point, you'll need to accept your limitations and decide whether you want to retire or lower your goals.

All of this applies to younger athletes who are told they're too young to succeed. Remember, not everyone's body ages and matures the same way. A 16 year old's body may mature very early and they may train their body very well, giving them a "man body" at a younger age than normal. Physically they may be able to keep up with older, more physically mature athletes.

Also, even if a younger athlete isn't as physically mature as his or her competition, they can still keep up with them by being great in other areas. Even at a younger age, they can be smarter, mentally tougher, and more skilled than their competition.

In conclusion, you should never listen to the hater when it comes to your age. Respect the realities of your biological age, but care more about how your body actually feels and functions. And always train all areas of your game to be a complete player, so you can succeed despite lacking athleticism. Lastly, if your heart is in it, and you believe you can still perform at the level you want to perform at, then keep playing no matter how old you are!