Allow Others to Motivate You

A part of being coachable is being influenceable, and allowing others to motivate and teach you. There's so many people and resources out there that can motivate you. There's your parents, relatives, coaches, teachers, pastors, and other people in you life that can help you. There's also so much motivation you can find online whether it comes from music, videos, blogs, or social media.

But none of these people and things can help you if you don't allow them to help you. If you brush your parents off when they try to motivate you, encourage you, or give you advice, then you won't benefit from what they have to say. Most of the time when their advice isn't effective, it's not because it's not good advice or motivation, but it's because you brush them off. The same goes for motivational material you find online. If you just skim through the material and not really focus on it and care about it, you won't benefit from it. In order to benefit from advice, you have to TAKE IT TO HEART. You have to actually give effort and pay attention. You have to think deeply about what the message means and apply it to your life. 

Many people have the wrong idea about motivation and think it should come easy, but this is not often the case. In most cases, you have to FORCE yourself to become motivated with whatever raw material you have. You have to take the motivational messages you get from others or from online, and then convert them to motivation using your mind, and then you have to be disciplined and convert this motivation to productive action! Remember, no one can go inside your mind can do your thinking for you. Other people can only provide you raw material, but you're responsible for using it to motivate yourself!

This lack of understanding of how motivation works is one of the main reasons why people have trouble finding motivation. But perhaps a bigger reason why people have trouble finding motivation has to do with their ego. Lots of people may know that their parents' or coach's advice is good, but their ego prevents the message from reaching their heart. In order to benefit from motivational messages, you have to set aside your ego and not let arrogance or fear prevent them from reaching your heart. It takes humility and courage to accept other people's advice.

However, I'm not saying you have to take every message to heart. You still need to use your judgement and determine which advice is good and which advice is bad.

With this better attitude, you can then work on improving your coachability, or your ability to allow others to motivate you. The next time you receive advice from someone or read a motivational message online, try your best to take it to heart. Set aside your ego and think deeply about what it means and use the message as fuel for your motivational fire inside of you. The more you practice this, the better you'll get at it.