Treat Every Game Like a Championship

The best athletes and teams try to treat every game like a championship, meaning they try to give their best effort for each and every game, which maximizes their chances of winning each game, which maximizes their chances of winning a championship.

Unconsciously, athletes want to pace themselves and save energy for future games. The best athletes however, are able to trick their minds into thinking that each game is the only game to worry about, therefore they are able to give more effort (because there's nothing to save your energy for). But even after going all out, these athletes are able to recover physically and mentally to do it all over again the next game. To successfully use this mindset, you have to trust that you're physically and mentally capable of recovering after each game and drawing the same emotion for each game without getting burnt out.

Remember, the best teams don't just coast through the regular season and wait to get to the championship game. They get to the championship game by treating every game like a championship! It is their championship level effort that drives them to victory, game after game. They must go through the process, and this mindset helps them do it as best as they can.