Preparation and Execution

How you perform in any game depends on two factors: preparation and execution.

Preparation is anything that you do leading up to the game. For example, in football, after a game, a team has one week to prepare for their next game. Everything they do during this week is their preparation. They can prepare for their game in many ways. They can study lots of film of their opponent. They can practice everyday to sharpen their skills and instill their game plan. The players can eat healthy, take care of their bodies, and sleep well. If they work hard everyday and do all the little things right, they will be fully prepared by the time the game begins.

However, preparation means nothing if you don't execute on game day. The hard work you did during the week will be wasted if you don't work hard and execute during the game. On game day, it's time to focus on getting your mindset right for kickoff. At this point, there's not much more you can prepare for. You can't watch more film or train more. All you can do is focus your mind in order to execute your best and play with peak performance. Before the game starts, you need to make sure your motivation, focus, and confidence are maximized. You need to control your arousal level and make sure you're ideally relaxed. While revving up your emotions, you also need to stay rational so you can play smart. These are the components of peak performance that you need to control in order to get in the ideal mindset. And during the game, you have to actively maintain this mindset to maintain peak performance throughout the game.

Just like how preparation is insufficient without execution, execution is insufficient without preparation. Even if you were in the ideal mindset during the game and executed well, you wouldn't have played up to your full potential if you didn't have a good week of preparation leading up to the game. To truly play up to your potential, you need both great preparation and execution.

It's a two step process. First, focus on preparation. Then, on game day, focus on your mindset and execution. The more you practice this process, the better you'll get at it.