How to Prevent Complacency

Everyone knows that after you reach a certain level of success, it becomes harder to motivate yourself. You may get too satisfied with yourself, become complacent, and lose motivation to work hard.

Most people don't want this to happen. They want to maintain their motivation and success. But for even the people who want to do this, they still have trouble. So how do you successfully maintain your motivation and success?

One way is to simply enjoy the process, the grind, and the journey, which are always with you (they don't go away after becoming successful). However, this doesn't always give you the boosts of motivation that you need sometimes.

Another way is by adopting a "proud but not satisfied" attitude. By never being fully satisfied and finding new, bigger goals to challenge yourself, you can maintain your motivation. After you have a winning season, aim to win your division next year. After you win your division, aim to get to the conference championship game. After getting to the conference championship game, aim to get to the championship game. After reaching the championship game, aim to win the championship. Never get satisfied and keep making new goals for yourself.

However, sometimes a team becomes so successful that it seems like there is nothing else for them to accomplish. If you've accomplished all that there is to accomplish, then it may seem like there is no more upside to continuing to work hard. But there are still two ways to motivate yourself in these situations. First, realize that there is always more you can accomplish. You may not be able to reach a higher goal than you've already accomplished, but you can keep repeating the same goal year after year. Trying to win as many championships in a row as you can is a very challenging and motivating goal. Know that there's always more you can do to reach closer to your potential, and desire reaching your potential more than anything else.

The other way to maintain your motivation is not by looking at what you more you can gain, but looking at what you can lose. After reaching the top of the mountain, it may not get much better, but it sure can get worse. If you get complacent, you might not just get passed by your competition, but you might also tumble down the mountain. If this happens, you'll regret becoming complacent. You'll wish you would've kept working hard, because even if you didn't reach any higher, it's still better than anything else.

This fear of failure type of motivation isn't ideal. It's not as good for your mental health or performance as more positive motivations, but it still can be very helpful to prevent complacency. And sometimes, this fear of failure motivation is the most readily available motivation you can have. If this is the case, you need to use it!

I have this belief that there's always reasons to stay motivated and work hard, you just have to find them. The best athletes have so many reasons to be motivated that they rarely ever get complacent. They have an entire arsenal of motivations to use at different times. But I'll admit it, sometimes it can be hard to find motivation, especially when you're already successful. That is why I wrote this blog post, to give you a few more reasons to keep working hard!