Your ego, or your sense of self, has great influence on your life. We all know the negatives of having too big of an ego. Your ego always wants to be stroked and protected. It's constantly looking for ways to feel good about itself, to feel superior. This distorts your thinking. It leads to counterproductive behavior, such as not accepting responsibility and deflecting blame. It can hurt your relationships when it tries to bring others down in order to try to make itself feel better. Lastly, an ego can become arrogant, which can lead to complacency.

This is why it's so important to control your ego and not let it get too big. By doing this, you can think clearer, accept responsibility and criticism better, become unselfish, have better relationships, and stay humble and motivated. All of this makes you a better, more successful person.

However, it can be a mistake to think that you can get rid of your ego entirely, or to think that having an ego can never be good. It's almost impossible to live without an ego. Without an ego, or a sense of self, you couldn't function in society. You need to know who you are as an individual in order to improve yourself. Even when you want to be less egotistical, and want to become more responsible, humble, compassionate, and motivated, it is still your ego that wants these things.

So the solution to the negative effects of your ego isn't to get rid of your ego. The solution is to attach your ego to higher goals. Instead of wanting to earn all the credit for a job well done, desire to do the best job you can do, no matter how much credit you get. Know that to be the best version of yourself, you need to control your ego so you can take more ownership of your life and have better relationships. This is the higher road, which takes more effort but is way more satisfying than taking the easy route of being too egotistical and settling for the limited amount of satisfaction that this provides.  Ironically, when you do this, people still end up realizing how great you are, because your results speak for themselves, and this makes you feel better about yourself (your ego).

This is a sort of a contradiction. By wanting to be known for having no ego, your ego tends to pop back up and sabotages this goal. But how do you strive for this goal without having an ego to want it in the first place. I suggest you start by using your ego to desire to control your ego so you can be the best that you can become. Once you're motivated and start making progress, you need to keep an eye out for your ego trying inflate itself. You need to be constantly checking your ego and deflating it. You can best do this by giving credit to something greater than yourself, such as God. When you work your hardest to do your duty, serve God, give God credit, and humble yourself in front of Him, then you are best able to manage your ego no matter how much success you have.

By controlling your ego and attaching it to the right goals, you can greatly improve your success, mental health, and relationships.