Motivation vs Discipline

Motivation is a feeling. Discipline is doing. Discipline is the conversion of motivation to constructive action. Some people think all you need is motivation. This is not true. Motivation itself doesn't get things done. There are many motivated people who have many motivating thoughts and emotions inside of them, but they never achieve anything. This is because they aren't disciplined. They don't do anything with their motivation. They don't convert it into constructive action. They waste their motivation and let it die down until they are no longer motivated. These people need to become more discipline and force themselves to start working hard with whatever motivation they have. They have to accept that motivation and giving effort isn't always easy. They can't just wait until their motivation carries them through. They have to use their will power to be disciplined and work hard even when their motivation isn't as high as they would like it to be.

Then there are people who think motivation is overrated and think discipline is all that you need. These people have a misunderstanding of what discipline is. Again, discipline is the conversion of motivation to constructive action. Without motivation, there is no discipline. Even when a parent disciplines a child and makes the child clean his or her room, there is still motivation involved. The child is motivated to not be punished and is motivated to not upset his or her parents. Often, what people think of discipline is really just extrinsic motivation given by other people. This motivation is still needed to be converted to action. Just because a coach disciplines you, doesn't mean it is this discipline that is forcing you to take action. No one can control your mind and body and force you to take action. You control your own mind and behavior, therefore you discipline yourself with the motivation you receive from yourself or others. 

To succeed and reach your potential, you need both motivation and discipline. Whether it comes from you or others, you need to always be searching for motivational fuel. And you need to be disciplined and use all the fuel that you have! Know when you need to be more disciplined and when you need motivation. Don't waste time searching for more motivation if you already have enough, and don't attempt to keep training on an empty tank of motivation.