Finish the Job!

One of my biggest pet peeves in sports is when athletes/teams don't "finish the job." Here is what I mean by this.

Many times, you'll see a team make a good play, but then they get too excited, overconfident, and satisfied with themselves. This causes them or lose focus and/or motivation, which then causes them to not finish the job. Here are many examples of this happening:
  • A tennis player breaks his opponent's serve, but fails to hold his serve the very next game.
  • A football team causes a turnover, but fails to score on their possession. Or a football team scores a touchdown, but lets the opposing team score on their very next possession.
  • A basketball player makes a three pointer, but lets his opponent score a three pointer on the very next possession.
All of these examples show athletes/teams not finishing the job. Their good plays are canceled out by making bad play right afterwards. There's not much benefit to making a good play, if you're going to cancel it out right afterwards. The point is to make good plays AND stop your opponent from making good plays, to play offense AND Defense. This is how you win. You need to do both parts of the job. You can't get complacent after only doing half the job. You have to stay focused until the entire job is finished!

Furthermore, even after a "single job" is completed, meaning you score and you stop your opponent from scoring on their possession, then you have to refocus and do it again. You have to give your best effort until the entire job is finish, meaning you win the game. It is not enough just to be winning at half time. You have to finish the job and win the game! 

This attitude can be applied on broader scales. Don't get too satisfied after winning a game. Finish the job by winning a championship! And don't get too satisfied after winning a championship. Finish the job by having the best career that you can!

You need to remember this in games. Next time you make a good play, remember, it doesn't mean much until the job is finished. Remind yourself to stay focused at these critical moments in games. After scoring a touchdown, you can remind your defense to finish the job. When you're winning at halftime, remind your team to finish the job. Keep practicing this mental game tip until it becomes a habit. If you do this, your concentration and effort will greatly improve in games. It'll help you play one play at a time as best as you can, which helps maximize your performance.