Be Confident But Brace For a Battle

Peak performance requires confidence, but it also requires the motivation to tolerate effort. It is easier to tolerate effort if you expect that a game is going to be very challenging physically and mentally. If you know that a game will be challenging, then you will be more prepared for the most challenging moments in games. You will be able to better tolerate the hardest moments in games and maintain your best effort compared to if you aren't expecting a challenge and difficult moments come as a surprise to you. This is where overconfidence can hurt you. If you aren't braced properly for challenging moments in games because you were overconfident and thought the game would be easier, then you're more likely to have a bad attitude and give less effort, and therefore your performance will worsen.

On the other hand, some athlete know that an upcoming game will be very challenging and that they'll need to give their best effort to have a chance at winning, but they may not be confident in their ability to win or give their best effort. This lack of confidence hurts performance, as it lowers motivation and increases nervousness.

In order to reach peak performance, you need both of these things. You need to be very confident in your ability to win and give your best effort, but you can't be overconfident to the point where you think the game will be too easy. You also need to expect and brace for a battle. Know you can do it, but know it won't be easy! Know it will be very hard to give your best effort and win, but know that you can do it! Be confident, but brace for a battle!

Even if you do have an easy opponent, know that you still need to give your best effort, and know that giving your best effort, no matter who your opponent is, is never easy. If it is easy, you didn't give your best effort. Brace for the challenge of giving your best effort every game, and be confident that you can give your best effort every game.

Practicing and perfecting this mindset greatly improves your effort and performance in games!