The Importance of Daily Training

Daily training is important for obvious reasons. It takes thousands of hours of training to reach large goals. Not only this, but for most athletes there is a deadline to reach their goals. An athlete needs to be good enough by their late teens or early twenties to make it as a collegiate or pro athlete. Therefore they don’t have much time to waste. If they take too many days off, they won’t reach their goals. Daily training is needed to accumulate enough hours of training and to keep up with the competition. I’m not saying an athlete needs to train literally everyday, but out of 365 days in a year, you should be training for roughly 300 days at least. 

Another reason why you should train almost everyday is because skills erode over time without practice. Skills are similar to physical strength when it comes to taking time off from training. When you stop working out for an extended period of time, you begin to lose your strength. The same thing happens with motor skills such as throwing, shooting, serving, batting, etc. We've all felt “rusty” after taking time off. Not every skill is like riding a bike, where you never forget how to do it. With most skills, you get worse at them the more time you spend away from training. This is why you need to train almost everyday, not just to improve skills but also to maintain skills. There is some truth to the saying, “you’re either getting better or getting worse.”  Let this motivate you to get out there and train everyday! 

However, I’m not against rest days. In fact, I’m a big advocate for rest days. Next week, I will write about the importance of resting.