Social Loafing

Social loafing is when a person gives less effort in a group than when working alone. A person may slack off because they think no one will notice therefore they won’t get punished. Some people are freeloaders, wanting to gain from the hard work of others while they do nothing. An athlete may think "I don't need to play hard. I'll let my teammates carry me."

Being a part of a team sounds good because it can bring better results than when working alone, however if everyone on the team slacks off, the team won't reach its full potential.

It is when every individual on the team gives their best effort, team success is maximized. Athletes should strive for this maximized team goal, not just for the ability to slack off. Full effort should still be a requirement, no matter how many teammates you have helping you. Emphasize that the reason for forming a team is to maximize success, not just to make things easier. 

Social loafing happens a lot when "super teams" are formed. Athletes on a super team may think "we're so good, we can still win without trying. It'll be easy." Super teams often underachieve because of this. But when everyone on a super team focuses on maximizing the team's potential and gives their best individual effort, that is when super teams dominate.

To prevent social loafing, bring awareness to the issue, be motivated to prevent it, be motivated on maximizing team success through individual effort. Know your responsibility, know your impact, hold yourself and others accountable, and make sure others can see/measure your effort.