The Benefits of Coaching

In my opinion, one of the greatest things on earth next to playing sports, is coaching sports. The worst part about sports is that eventually, athletes must retire due to aging or injuries. However, many of the benefits of sports can still be provided by coaching, which doesn’t necessarily require a young, healthy body. There are many reasons to coach sports, whether you are a youth coach, a high school coach, a recreational league coach, a college coach, a professional coach, or a private/individual coach.
  • Impact: Perhaps the greatest reason to coach sports is to make an impact in kids’ lives and help your community. Coaches can be role models and heroes to their players. They can teach their players life skills and they can help them earn scholarships or professional contracts. Coaching also allows you to be a part of something greater than yourself. You can make history, change the world, and impact future generations.
  • Achievement and esteem: Whether it is rankings or championships, the achievements, glory, and fame of coaching can make you feel great about yourself. You can create a legacy.
  • The social benefits of coaching: Coaching allows you to meet new people and be a part of a team. This is great for mental health and happiness. For coaches, their team can be like a second family to them. Bonds are created that can result in lifelong friendships.
  • Fun: The simple acts of teaching, game planning, strategizing, managing a team, competing, and watching your players perform is enjoyable.
  • The health benefits of exercise: Coaching sometimes requires you to play your sport and exercise (at least a little bit). The health benefits of playing sports and exercise are pretty well-known.
  • The financial benefits of sports: At the highest levels, coaches receive high salaries.  But the average coach can still support themselves by coaching a fun game instead of working a typical job.
  • Memories and Reminiscing: When you grow old, you want to be able to look back at your life and know that you gave it your all and had a good, enjoyable life. Just reminiscing about your memories of coaching sports can be enjoyable in itself. So work hard today and take advantage of the benefits of coaching so you’ll have good memories to look back on later.
Whether you are a retired player looking to get into coaching, a father/mother trying to help your sons/daughters, or a current coach, I hope reading this helps motivate you.