7 Ways to Deal with Nervousness and Choking in Games

For the next several weeks, I will write about ways that you can deal with nervousness and choking in games. As I've written before, nervousness and choking are some of the biggest performance issues that athletes face. Being nervous during games is natural, but there are ways that you can contain and minimize your nerves and still perform well despite them. Here are the 7 ways that you can deal with nervousness and choking:
  1. Improving skills and muscle memory through more training.
  2. Using "choke proof" technique.
  3. Using high-percentage tactics/strategies.
  4. Breathing and relaxation.
  5. Improving concentration.
  6. Improving self-talk.
  7. Gaining good game experience.

If you learn how to use all 7 of these strategies for dealing with nerves, you will greatly improve your mental game and become known as a clutch performer. I will write in more detail about these 7 ways to deal with nerves in order, starting with #1 (improving through training) next Sunday.