The Four Components of Sports and Holistic Training

I know this is a sport psychology blog but I like to also talk about the other components of sports and how they interact with the mental component of sports. The four components of sports are the technical component, fitness component (including nutrition), strategic component, and the mental/emotional component (sport psychology). Experts in these components like to claim that their component is the most important, however, I believe they are all roughly equal. Athletes often become too prideful in one component and focus mainly on it while ignoring others. But in order to be a complete athlete and reach your potential, you need to focus on all of the components of sports. Therefore it is good to be aware of which component you are underdeveloped in and add more emphasis on it to make sure you are a well-balanced athlete with no obvious weaknesses.
I like to call this focus on all components of sports holistic training, where you attack your athletic development from all angles. Included in holistic training would also be a focus on a balanced lifestyle with good mental health, relationships, hobbies, and life-meaning outside of sports, but for the next several weeks, I will mainly be writing about the four components of sports: technique, fitness, strategy, and the mental game. If you are a serious athlete, I highly suggest you make your training more holistic. Don't just settle for the bare minimum training needed to make your team. Do more, and to do more, you must look at every component of sports and train more holistically.