Music has always went well with sports. It’s just fun to exercise and play sports with music playing. Music can be a powerful arousal control tool and pre-game routine. Some songs are motivating while others are calming. The right song at the right moment can spark an emotional response. You should take advantage of music by creating playlists for different situations. Fun, uptempo songs are great to exercise/play along to. Serious, motivating songs can get you focused before a game. And calm, soothing songs can help ease your nerves before a game. Don’t just hit shuffle and hope that an appropriate song plays. Take the time to create playlists.

The same thing can be said for movies and reading. You can purposely watch a specific movie the night before a game to trigger specific thoughts and emotions. A sports movie can be inspiring while a drama can get you thinking about the bigger picture in life, calming your nerves. Reading inspirational quotes can be a great daily habit. Coach Phil Jackson often assigned his players to read certain books in the off-season. The best athletes know how to get the most out of music, movies, and books to improve their performance. They use whatever resources they have to improve their mindset for training and performance.