Sports and Life Skills

Whereas some people see sports as life, most people see sports as just one small component on the bigger picture of life. They see sports as just a means to a larger end, a way to provide enjoyment, relationships, money, recognition, or self-improvement. There’s a lot to gain and learn from playing sports that can be applied to the rest of your life. As an athlete, you learn virtues such as work ethic, patience, persistence, teamwork, and grace under pressure. These skills can be transferred over to other areas of life if you want them to. However, just being a successful athlete does not guarantee that you’ll be successful outside of sports. There are many examples of successful athletes that don’t know how to succeed in other careers, or manage their personal lives. The skills that you learn in sports need to be actively transferred over to life outside of sports. Don’t just expect it to naturally happen. If you are nervous about an upcoming job interview, you can use the same arousal control techniques that you used in sports. As a student, use the same time management skills and motivational skills that you used as an athlete.

Remember, your body can only play competitive sports for so long. For most of your adult life, sports will only play a recreational role. To have a fulfilling life, appreciate the lessons that you learn from sports and actively try to apply them to other areas of your life.